Friday, April 25, 2008

reality bites...

so this one time i went to the caribbean and it was basically the best 10 days of my life...then i had to come home.  ouch.  why is it 70 degrees one minute and a freaking blizzard the next?  why is there not a beach right outside my door?  why are there not foreigners placing napkins on my lap and bringing me gourmet delights?  why do i have to get up and dawn and go to work where i get screwed over?  (my head coach demoted me from head sophomore coach to sophomore team assistant without actually telling me.  i'm pissed.  i quit.)  everyday i just dream about being warm on a white sandy beach.  life was good then.  real good.  i'll post pics and stories from the trip soon... the anticipation is killing you, i know.


  1. Sounds like your trip was fun. Sorry about reality biting. By the way, your hair looks way cute.

  2. well hello you...i didn't know you were a blogger. I'm going to go ahead and add you ;)


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