Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas printables...

We got our first snow of the winter season last week. Even though we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet, I caved and turned on the Christmas music while drawing with my son as the snowflakes fell outside.

And I also made some Christmas-y printables for my Etsy shop.
I couldn't help myself!

(Don't worry - I adore Thanksgiving and will celebrate it properly despite my premature Christmas carol enjoyment.)

I looooooove the movie Elf. It's delightfully quotable.

And words from a classic carol seemed perfect for this simple design.

Has it been wintery where you live?
If so, I hope you are all warm & cozy and excited for the holidays!
(If you're from upstate NY--bless your heart!)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

a pretty leaf...

I love that my son is the kind of kid that will pick up a pretty leaf on an autumn walk and carry it all the way home with him.

He stops to look at the color of the sky.
He notices the shape of the clouds.
He is captivated by a bird in flight.
 He carefully watches a bug crawling in a crack in the sidewalk.

He sees things.  
And he helps me remember to see them, too.

Monday, November 3, 2014

toddler quidditch costume...

Oh goodness, life has been full of ups and downs lately.

My family has been working on a HUGE project...
building a new house!

We signed a contract to build, put our current house up for sale, sold it in 11 days, quickly found a temporary rental, made all of our architectural and design choices for the new house, and moved out all in the last month and a half or so.  It has been INSANE.  (And that doesn't even include all of the non-house related life events going on...)

In all the craziness, I did actually manage to plan Halloween costumes, but they didn't get finished until the night before (of course).  My little man's costume was a big hit, though!

My son is almost 2 and very opinionated, so I knew I had to keep it simple.  No hats, masks, face paint, etc.  OBVIOUSLY a Ron Weasley costume was in order.  He is a ginger, after all. :)  I wanted to do something different than the usual black Hogwarts robe & wand, so I went with Ron Weasley--Gryffidor Quidditch keeper.

As I said, the costume was done last minute so I don't have a tutorial, but I can give a basic description of what I did.  The broom was easy peasy.  I bought a wood dowel and a grapevine decoration (in the wreath department) at the craft store.  The dowel got some brown craft paint, then I hot glued the grapevine twigs to the bottom.  I wrapped some grosgrain ribbon around the twigs to keep them secure and to give it that "broom" look.

For the quidditch uniform, I used an XL men's tee for the fabric.  I used one of my kiddo's shirts to trace the pattern for the sleeveless top and quickly sewed that up, not bothering to hem anything since it's just a costume and knit won't fray.  Then I used extra fabric from the original tee to create the robe/cape effect in the back.  I just gathered the top, then sewed it to the hem.

The yellow lettering was done with fabric paint & freezer paper stencils.  (Check here for a freezer paper stenciling tutorial and here for info on how to run freezer paper through your home printer!)

I also stenciled these "Gryffindor Quidditch" baseball tees for my husband & I to wear.  We were just supporting cast members...we all know the cute kid is the star of the show.

I tried to get some pics of my son & I together, but he was too busy getting some trick-or-treat practice in. :)

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!  
I'm excited to get into my new house in a few months so I can finally get some crafty posts up.  I know there will be TONS of little decorating projects to do.  Can't wait!
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