Tuesday, January 20, 2015

fabric design...

I have been a busy little bee lately, but haven't had much opportunity to share what I've been working on. Here's the scoop...

I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday nearly five years ago. It was then that the world of fabric was opened to me. I remember thinking, "I had no idea all this cute fabric existed. Wouldn't it be fun to design all these patterns?" Ever since then, I've had fabric design hanging out in the back of my mind. I realized I would need to learn how to design pattern repeats and how to use Adobe Illustrator. Recently, I've really worked to make those things happen. 

My Illustrator skills are still basic, but the only way to learn is to keep trying. So when I saw a contest for fabric designs on minted.com...I decided to give it a shot!

Here are my designs.  
Some are more successful than others, but I had a blast working on them.

Minted challenge winners are determined by popular vote. Any one can head over to the challenge entries and rate the designs from 1-5.  If you'd like to support me, my designs are located on this page.  However, I encourage you to vote for any that you really like. There are a lot of really great patterns! Voting for this challenge ends 2/9/15.

(Sidenote: I also have a referral code if you want to make a purchase...
If you use the link, you can get $25 off of your first Minted purchase of $50 or more.)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

children's artwork ornaments...

Here is a super easy way to turn your kiddo's artwork into a Christmas ornament that you can treasure for years to come!

First, I picked up some balsa wood ornament shapes from Hobby Lobby. Then, I had my toddler sponge paint on some sturdy paper.
(Since I knew I wanted to use it for an ornament, I gave him paints in Christmas-y colors. However, you could easily use any random artwork your child has already done.)

Next, I painted my wood ornaments...

...and cut circles out of my little guy's painting.

Finally, I mod podged the paper circles to my ornaments. I brushed the podge on the back of the paper & the surface of the ornament, pressed the paper until it held, then podged over the entire surface to seal it all down.

Let it dry and then you are good to go!

This project is SO fast. We made one for our tree and one for each set of grandparents, but you could easily crank out a bunch of these to give to lots of family members. It makes for a great little holiday keepsake.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas printables...

We got our first snow of the winter season last week. Even though we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet, I caved and turned on the Christmas music while drawing with my son as the snowflakes fell outside.

And I also made some Christmas-y printables for my Etsy shop.
I couldn't help myself!

(Don't worry - I adore Thanksgiving and will celebrate it properly despite my premature Christmas carol enjoyment.)

I looooooove the movie Elf. It's delightfully quotable.

And words from a classic carol seemed perfect for this simple design.

Has it been wintery where you live?
If so, I hope you are all warm & cozy and excited for the holidays!
(If you're from upstate NY--bless your heart!)

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