Thursday, March 20, 2014

it's been a long day...

Do you ever throw your jeans in the washing machine because your grumpy, teething child just smushed applesauce all down the leg of your pants...only to realize halfway through the wash cycle that your phone was in your pocket?

No? Just me?
Good times.

Monday, March 17, 2014

animal nursery art prints...

I've been drawing some cute little animal artworks to add to my print shop--The Printable Pearl.

I think they would look darling in a baby's room!

Although this bunny would be perfect for spring/Easter decorating, too.
And foxes are supposed to de-throne the owl as the trendy nursery decor animal this year...

 But don't worry, I drew some owls, too.
(Just in case you hadn't had your fill of them yet.)
I've done each print in 2 colorways to list in the shop...but they are easily customized to match whatever color scheme one might be decorating with.

What other animals should I add to the collection?

Monday, March 10, 2014

every kid loves new crayons...

Ask my toddler if he wants to color and you will see a small boy lose his mind with happiness.  Crayons are so exciting to him.  Recently, I decided to buy him a brand new box with nice pointy tips, thinking that might make it easier for him to get color on the paper.  (Besides--who doesn't LOVE new crayons?!)

Well, he enjoyed those pointy new crayons even more than I anticipated...

(Purple is delicious.)
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