Wednesday, July 16, 2014

make the best rice krispie treats ever...

I tried what claimed to be "the best rice krispie treat recipe" that I found on Pinterest and was totally underwhelmed.  The recipe called for marshmallow fluff rather than mini marshmallows.  The flavor was good and I liked how the fluff really coated each krispie, but the texture was way off.  The squares kind of crumbled apart and they lacked the great stretch and chew that a good rice krispie treat needs.

I decided it was imperative to come up with a better rice krispie treat recipe.  They turned out awesome!  I combined marshmallow fluff and mini marshmallows to get the best of both worlds.  Also, the cafe at my husband's workplace has pretty good krispie treats, and I've noticed that they have little pockets of marshmallow I achieved that extra surprise of marshmallow goodness by throwing in some additional marshmallows after the melted marshmallow mixture and cereal are combined.

This is now my go-to rice krispie treat recipe.  Super simple and really tasty.  
You should try it!

The Best Rice Krispie Treats Ever
by Kacey Kendrick Wagner

4 Tablespoons butter
1 small (7 oz.) jar marshmallow fluff
1 (10 oz.) bag mini marshmallows (you'll use half the bag + an additional hand full or two)
8 cups crisp rice cereal

In a large pot, melt butter over medium heat. Add the entire jar of fluff and half the bag of mini marshmallows and stir until mostly smooth and well combined.

Remove from heat and add cereal 4 cups at a time. Mix until cereal is coated with marshmallow, then throw in an extra handful or two of mini marshmallows and stir.

Press cereal mixture into a 9x13 pyrex pan.* Allow to cool, then cut into squares and enjoy.

*Tip: The hot sticky marshmallow can be tricky to spread with a spoon. You can put your hand inside a sandwich baggie, lightly spritz the baggie with cooking spray, and then press the cereal treats down with your baggie-covered hand. Works like a charm!

(Now I just need to come up with a peanut butter version...YUM!)

Friday, July 11, 2014

stitch fix review #2...

I received my second Stitch Fix order this week!

This time I asked for a bunch of specific items and I thought the stylist did a really great job trying to find pieces to fit my requests.

I also changed my style profile settings to clothing only--no accessories.  I don't like to spend a lot on trendy jewelry and scarves.  I'm happy with my Target and Forever 21 finds. :)

Once again, pardon my hurried photos.  Naptime is short and I've got to get my returns in the mail.

Market & Spruce Dash Button-Front Chambray Shirt (returned)
I asked for a chambray shirt that was more tunic style, than full button down.  The fabric was soooo high quality--amazing to the touch.  Unfortunately, I struggle to find button downs that fit well and this one was no exception.  Too small across the chest.  I also decided I didn't love the color...I think I would prefer a grayer chambray.

Ezra Ritz Mixed Pattern Front Pocket Knit Shirt (returned)
The mixed prints are so cute and I had some tees just like this on my Pinterest board, so I really wanted to like this.  However, this top is cut so strangely.  I have a couple of loose drapey tees that I love, but this one is the weirdest shape. You can see that the back polka dot piece is cut larger than the front stripe just hung really awkwardly.  I don't need any extra awkwardness in my life. ;)

41Hawthorne Ivy Abstract Triangle Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse (kept!)
When I opened the package, I crossed my fingers that this top would fit because it was my favorite at first glance.  I asked for a top with a bold black & white geometric print, and I like this print a lot.  It fits perfectly and the cut is really slimming and flattering.  I can't wait to wear it accented with a bright pop of color.

Chris & Carol Jill Jersey Maxi Skirt (returned)
I requested a geometric or lattice patterned maxi, but the stylist said they didn't have any in stock so she sent this solid colored one instead.  I was not impressed.  The knit fabric is very thin.  I frequently sew my own maxi skirts and the jersey knit I get from JoAnn is better quality.  Good knits with trendy patterns can be hard to find, so that's why I requested a maxi in a print.  I think I'll just stick to sewing my own (for a fraction of the cost) from now on.

Kut from the Kloth Jenna Bermuda Short (returned...sniffle.)
I have super long legs, so finding jeans and shorts that are long enough in the inseam AND rise is a practically impossible task.  I asked my stylist for a pair of colored bermuda shorts, not expecting her to be able to find any that would fit.  Imagine my surprise when these fit really well!  I was tempted to keep them...but I just don't love the color.  The red is really orange-y and doesn't look amazing with the skin tone of my legs.  And it also doesn't really jive with the other pieces in my wardrobe.  I am bummed to send them back.  (Google revealed to me that these shorts also come in teal, which would have been perfect.  Drat!)

Anyway, thanks for tolerating my Stitch Fix excitement.  
If you want to try it out, use one of my links and I get a $25 store credit. :)
(You also get your own affiliate link when you sign up.  
Share it with your peeps to earn credit for yourself!)

If you don't know what I'm even talking about, check out my Stitch Fix Review #1 here for the details.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

stitch fix review #1...

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

It's basically an online shopping service where a stylist picks out clothes/accessories for you, sends 5 items in a cute little box to your door, you try everything on, keep what you like and send back what you don't in a handy prepaid envelope.  It costs $20, but that money goes toward whatever purchases you make.

I recently got rid of most of my clothes in The Great Closet Purge of 2014 and thought Stitch Fix would be a fun way to find some high quality pieces that I really loved.  (Clearance rack tees can only get you so far in life...I was NOT feeling very cute.  Hence the purge.)

I filled out the style profile, linked up a Pinterest board of looks I love, and anxiously awaited my box of goodness.  (And shamelessly checked out all the blog posts about Stitch Fix I could find while I waited for my Fix.)  It actually shipped early...yay!

Each Fix comes with ideas of how to style each piece...pretty handy!

I decided to post what I received so other Stitch Fix googlers can see what I got. :)
(Pardon the lame pics...I was home by myself and couldn't model for you.  I know you are all sorely disappointed.)

Pomelo Missy Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse - returned
I know it doesn't look like much lying on the table, but I thought this looked SO cute on.  Mint green with cream polka dots--darling!  However, it was too small across the back of the shoulders, so I couldn't move my arms freely.  Bummer.

Sweet Rain Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse - kept!!
Once again, the shape doesn't look like much...but it is so flattering!  I love the print, the colors, the tab sleeves.  I feel really pretty in it.  I'm excited to wear it all summer, then I can throw a cardi over as the weather changes.  Had to keep it.

Bay to Baubles Faye Beaded Statement Necklace - returned
While I like the colors, I just didn't see myself getting a ton of use out of this necklace.  And I'm cheap when it comes to trendy accessories...don't want to invest money into pieces that will go out of style quickly.  Nice quality, but not for me.

Renee C Malcom Abstract Chevron Dolman Sleeve Top - returned
This top is tight on the hips, then blouse-y on top which actually works well for the post-baby midsection.  Unfortunately, I don't like the print at all.  I love color, but these read kind of juvenile.  Plus, the dolman sleeves had too much fabric for my taste.  I felt like a bat.  No thanks.

Papermoon Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Max Skirt - returned
I know people love chevron...but I'm kinda over it.  And this particular chevron print is NOT my favorite, to put it nicely.  It's a shame the pattern wasn't my style, because the fabric was a nice quality and it fit perfectly!

The cool thing is that Stitch Fix provides a survey so you can tell them what you did or didn't like about each piece.  I only kept 1/5 this time, but it was really fun to try new things and really think about my personal I already signed up for another Fix. :)

If you are interested in signing up or want to learn more, click on over to Stitch Fix.
(If you sign up & order a fix using one of my links, I get $25 towards my next order.  And after you register, you get assigned your own affiliate link so you can earn your own credits when you share Stitch Fix with your friends, family, blog readers, etc.)
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