Monday, November 10, 2008

just living life...

some of our wedding day proofs are up at if you are interested. remember, they are just deluxe editing...but feel free to browse away.

i thought i'd post this one...mostly because i love it!...but also because i think it reflects my current life quite accurately. brandon and i have been in our own little married world. i have a hard time even going to work...i'd so much rather be with him or making our house a home. it's been so much fun having bran with me all the time. he's my favorite.

our lives have been pretty basic lately. we're just enjoying all the things we get to do together.
earlier this month we were able to go to salt lake for the blessing of little levi bradley jackman...brandon's good friend brad's new baby. we've been attending our new BYU married student ward and are starting to make new friends. i like to try and surprise brandon with new dessert or dinner recipes when i can. (friday was pizza soup in bread bowls and pumpkin chocolate chip trifle.) on saturday we went to the last BYU football home game. then yesterday we had our good friends aubrey and benji woahn over for tacos, ice cream sandwiches, and a rousing game of "life." but mostly we are finding as much joy as we can in dirty dishes, mountains of laundry, writing thank you notes, grocery shopping, sticking to a budget, trying to get all this name-change business under control (according to my social security card, i am officially "kacey dee wagner." crazy!), hitting the gym, reading the scriptures and saying family prayer, trying to cram everything into some kind of schedule, and making time to cuddle.

i love having his hand to hold, the chance to start our own christmas traditions, his support in all of my creative ventures, and a wonderful husband to come home to.

here's our first month of eternity, hun. i love being a wagner, i love being part of a covenant couple, and i love you times a million!


  1. And I must say that the tacos were amazing...makes my pregnant heart happy just thinkin' about 'em :)

    Benji and I spent the car ride home discussing strategy for future "life" battles...

  2. ps you look GORGEOUS in your wedding pictures!!


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