Monday, May 11, 2009

drastic career move....


i quit my job.


some of you are probably thinking, "so what are you going to do?!"

well, i'm going to do a lot of things. but my job title will be something like housewife/artist. with our new home, there's going to be a lot more to take care of around the house and yard. i've elected my self to fill that position. but, more importantly, teaching seems to absorb all of my energy. it's a 24-hour a day job. it never ends. since i started teaching 3 years ago, i haven't really made much art of my own. and that's depressing. i have dreams to fulfill, people.

so...with brandon's help, i'm going to create a website and probably open up a shop on to sell my artwork. it'll be awhile before that comes to life because i need some time to get a few pieces done, but i'm going to do it. i just want to paint and draw and collage and revel in art supplies and CREATE!

some of you are now rolling your eyes and thinking, "you're giving up a steady full-time job to be an artist? that's ridiculous."

well, yeah. it is ridiculous. and crazy. but i think i can do it. why not? you only live once, and i have to give myself a shot. don't get me wrong--i'm completely terrified, but i have to try.

i'm also going to garden and sew and cook and exercise and do laundry and maybe even teach private art lessons to little kids (which would be a blast). and if i get desperate, i can always sub during the school year. so, i have a few backup plans in case i fall on my face.

but i think i can do it. especially with my incredibly supportive, encouraging, and wonderful husband cheering me on.

so, yeah. it's all a bit crazy and ridiculous. but isn't it about time i did something a little crazy?


  1. I'm excited for you Kacey, and I think you're going to do a fantastic job. Let me know when you're Etsy shop is up and I'll write a post about it on my blog.

  2. holy smokes!! wow!! That is quite the change! Good for you for doing what makes you happy.

  3. hey if you can afford it, more power to you. seriously. very exciting.

  4. I LOVE IT!! So exciting. You are living the dream!

  5. Way to go! I can't wait for you to breathe that huge sigh of relief on the last day of school (I'm still exhaling from when I stopped teaching in December). Don't get me wrong, I loved teaching, but it's a job that never sleeps and it's one that you can't turn off no matter how hard you try. Let me know when you open your shop! Best of luck!

  6. Wow, Kacey! Good for you! :)


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