Friday, May 22, 2009

for the last time...

i just finished teaching my last class of the year...which also happens to be the last class of my teaching career.

so much has happened to me in the last 3 years...
  • i made a new best friend.
  • i loved/survived living in the yellow brick house.
  • i completed my internship.
  • i coached girls basketball.
  • i graduated from BYU.
  • i got hired on full-time.
  • i met my amazing co-workers who are now dear friends.
  • i spent the summers enjoying a life of leisure.
  • i went on the best caribbean vacation ever.
  • i had all kinds of church callings.
  • i got engaged to a fabulous guy.
  • i met the parents.
  • i married that fabulous guy.
  • i honeymooned.
  • i got a new last name.
  • i moved into my first married apartment.
  • i served in my first married ward calling.
  • i developed all kinds of domestic abilities.
  • i bought a home.
and now on top of ALL that, i'm changing careers and moving out of provo and starting life in a new town, new house, new ward.


i hope i did some good while i was here at PGHS. my students drove me crazy sometimes, but they also made me laugh. i hope they learned something...or at least felt good when they were in my classroom. i know i wasn't the most organized or perfectly prepared or most enthusiastic teacher ever, but i did my best. and that's all i can do.

and now on to the next chapter...
it won't be perfect, but i'll do my best.

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