Sunday, August 16, 2009

the devil's in the details...

i've been trying to be even more economical/thrifty/budget-minded since my decision not to teach full-time anymore. but sometimes colorful home decor...or an artsy necklace...or a trendy accessory...causes me to become distracted. :)

as queen of the solid colored top (no seriously. nearly every shirt i own is a plain, solid knit.), lately i've been drawn to the feminine detailing that has made it's way into casual fashions. that way i can still rock the solid colored comfy fabrics, but with a little more flair than a boring old tee.

i recently ordered this little number at a bargain price...

and i NEED this to go on sale NOW....

it comes in so many colors. if it does go on sale, i don't know how i'll ever decide. although that deep teal is right up my alley...

who knew the a frill here or a floral there could make a plain ol' shirt so much more desirable.

and speaking of frills, one of you ladies out there needs to purchase these...
i generally stick to flats these days because a) they are more comfortable and b) sometimes i tire of being gawked at like i'm freakishly tall. so i keep the heel purchases to a minimum.

but seriously. a purple, ruffled, peep-toe pump? they make my artist's heart quiver.

someone needs to rock these. asap.


  1. Ummm...aren't those shoes a Payless shoe? I'm pretty sure I was eyeing those just yesterday. I would love to have them...but not sure if I could justify the purchase.

  2. they sure ARE a payless shoe. cute and affordable!

  3. I love those shoes they are fabulous.... i might just have to make them my birthday splurge this year!!!


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