Monday, September 14, 2009

adventures of a substitute teacher...

and by adventures i actually mean non-adventures.

substitute teaching jr. high and high school is so ridiculously boring. sure, some kids are annoying. but most of the time, the teacher leaves some little assignment, the kids do it in approximately 10 minutes, and then we all sit there bored out of our minds. an 85 minute class period seems like ETERNITY. (at least jr. high classes are only half as long.)

the best class i subbed for was my friend's art class. when they finished their projects, i just made up a sketchbook assignment and told them their teacher said they had to do it. it was nice because i could actually help them and i knew what i was talking about. the second best class i had took a test. it was still boring for me, but the students were all occupied at least.

the most exciting things that have happened thus far?
  • i nearly confiscated a giant bouncy ball...from an 18 year old boy.
  • some dumb jr. high kid (who thought he was hilarious) acted like a complete idiot and laughed at his own jokes for a full 40-minutes.
  • a kid made me an oragami swan out of kleenex.
  • some girl told a story about how gross it was when her cat gave birth in her lap when she was 8.

good thing i'm only subbing a few times a month. i don't even really have to...but i figure a little extra savings can't hurt.

and i'll take 4 boring school days a month over 5 stressful school days a week anytime!


  1. Wow! I totally know how that goes! Remember when I subbed for Michelle...yeah...can't fake my way through a math class. However, give me a choir or drama class and I'm just peachy. You're way better than I was. I wouldn't even think about subbing in the jr. high. Sounds like you're having some good times. ;)

  2. I guess it should make me feel good when subs say that they love subbing for my class! I guess it is because my kids are busy the whole time and the sub can do something too if they want! :) I wish you would come sub here!


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