Thursday, November 12, 2009

i have a long list...

...of projects to work on. some were started months ago. some i got the supplies for and still haven't started. others i just decided on. i'm always adding 10 things to the list long before i cross any off. too many ideas!!!
  • memory boxes for bran and i to store our little keepsakes in (started a year ago...half finished. i'm lame.)
  • 3 HUGE paintings for my dining nook (haven't started.)
  • 1 HUGE painting for my family room (far from finished.)
  • painting commissioned by brandon's aunt (roughed out, but unpainted.)
  • 2 sets of Christmas ornaments (haven't started.)
  • Christmas wreath (haven't started.)
  • parental Christmas gifts (pretty much done and it's not even december, thank you very much.)
  • random crafts/decorations (always a work in progress.)
  • artwork for etsy (i'm a slacker!)
  • plus, i really want to learn to sew. i have a whole list of throw pillows and things floating around in my brain. (as if i didn't have enough ideas.)
this list doesn't even include all of the cooking, housework, reading, grocery shopping, etc. that i do each day. i find it amusing when people ask if i get bored at home.


that would be an emphatic NO.

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