Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cute comfort...

i just bought this dress from downeast basics...and i LOOOOOOVE it.

now that we are teaching pre-school age children at church, i do a lot of squatting, bending, "simon says"-ing, and crying child holding. my church wardrobe needed a dose of cute comfort and this dress is it. i love the length and the fabric is really soft.

i've also been digging charcoal gray lately, so i'm double pleased. it looks good with just about every other color, so i have a lot of options for accessorizing. this sunday, i wore it with a turquoise flower headband.

but i'm also looking forward to wearing it with these little target beauties...
color makes me happy. so do cute ruffles. :)


  1. I wore the EXACT same thing this past Sunday. AWKWARD!!!

  2. I ADORE this dress--and honestly saw it on their website not too long ago. I thought "That looks like a Kacey dress." Those shoes are darling too. NYC needs a TARGET!


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