Tuesday, February 2, 2010


my favorite month.

i despise the generally frigid weather.
groundhog's day is so weird. if you think about it.
i'm not particularly fond of valentine's day.
it's quite short, even when that extra day rolls around.
president's day is nice...i guess.

but it's my birthday month.

so it's my favorite.


  1. whaaaat, you don't like valentine's day?! you and brandon always do such cute stuff for special occasions...i guess i pictured you getting really into v-day!

    happy birthday month!!!

    p.s. thanks for being my goodreads friend! i just started and didn't even know you could have friends! ha ha

  2. yeah...i never liked valentines day much growing up. and now that i'm married, we like to celebrate our own holidays/anniversaries better...and our first kiss was feb. 15th, so we usually celebrate "kiss day" instead :) i think when we have kids, we'll make a bigger deal out of valentines day.

    and i'm so happy to be your goodreads friend! it's fun to get ideas for my never-ending, must-read list from people i actually know.


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