Sunday, February 21, 2010

picture of perfection...

i have a whole room in our house all to myself. (lucky me!) i love it...a little art studio/craft room filled with all of my supplies just begging for my creative juices to flow. but, it was so cluttered sometimes that i didn't want to work in there. i just didn't want to deal with the mess. i decided that was super lame. i needed a space that worked for me, where every object had a designated space. so, a few weeks ago, i undertook "project: reorganize my spare bedroom studio."

i bought additional shelving, bins, storage boxes, and labels. i sorted through almost EVERYTHING in the room, threw away or d.i.-ed some of the junk that i didn't really need, and made more efficient use of the space (and made room for my new toy that i'll blog about later!)

after lots of work, i'm finally done...and i must say, it looks DANG good!

when we first moved in, we bought some inexpensive rugs to cover the carpet under my table and easel, so i don't have to worry about paint spills. best idea ever.

check out those amazingly organized shelves...
the best part is, everything is easy to find and easy to put back when i'm finished. plus, there is a little more room on the top shelves if i need it. (and let's be honest, i'll need it.)

over the weekend, i worked on a few little things in here and it felt so good...uncluttered, good looking, and stress-free!

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