Saturday, August 21, 2010

not so fair weather...

my friend autumn scored a free booth at the utah county fair which is held here in spanish fork each year. she ever so kindly invited me to sell my hair accessories with her.

the fair started wednesday at 4 pm, so at around 1:30 we loaded up our suv's and set up shop. as soon as we got everything all set up in the blistering heat, the rain came...and our booth FLOODED!

fortunately, the problem was remedied quickly as the grounds crew pumped the water out. we were back in business within 30 minutes.

the forecast called for another doozy of a rainstorm the next day, so on thursday we were prepared with a flood plan. the rain came--hard!--and our booth flooded within seconds, but nothing was damaged.

however, this time the flood waters were much, MUCH deeper. and the grounds crew decided that they didn't really need to pump out the water...they would just let it drain. yeah--that was the worst plan ever. after TWO hours, they FINALLY brought in a city truck to pump out the water.

during the interim, autumn and i were photographed by a daily herald reporter...and we were in the paper the next day!
this picture is toward the end of the ordeal so it doesn't show how much water we actually had. the bottom of that white shelf and the white clothing rack were totally submerged. needless to say, we didn't have a lot of customers for awhile. but maybe the lost business was worth it now that i'm famous! :)

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