Wednesday, September 29, 2010

good news...

in today's edition of The Daily Universe (BYU's newspaper), there is an article featuring...


(and some other crafters, too.)

read the full article HERE.

or just enjoy this little snippet:

Kacey Kendrick Wagner, a graduate of BYU, stopped teaching art full-time so she could teach privately and start an Etsy business, called “Kace*Face.”

“I taught high school art for three years but felt like something was missing from my life,” she said in an e-mail. “I was talking about art, demonstrating art, assigning art and grading art — but I wasn’t making art.”

She said she finds delight in fulfilling her passion for creativity on a daily basis, and that the process is a therapeutic outlet for her.

“Every single day, I literally make things that didn’t exist before,” she said.

By selling on the Internet, products can make their way around the world. Wagner said she often hears from complete strangers who have discovered her site and appreciate her flair.

“It’s really amazing to think that people across the country are wearing and decorating with things that I made with my two hands in my little spare bedroom studio,” she said. “That thought blows my mind.”

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