Monday, November 15, 2010

expressing gratitude...

with pumpkin muffins baking in the oven and my mind turned to plans of next weeks thanksgiving feast, i can't help but be grateful for a warm house and hot meals.  it's something i think about daily, especially as winter approaches.

i know there are many people in the world--and in my own neighborhood--who don't have enough to eat.

with this in mind, my husband & i have made the goal to donate food every thanksgiving & christmas (and to any scout or church food drives throughout the year).  macey's--our local grocery store--creates $5 and $10 grab bags of needed items, so you can just throw one in your cart, pay for it, and place it directly into the food bank donation bin on your way out.  i love it...they make it easy to serve those in need.  i also organized our pantry and collected items from our food storage as i went.  i have more goods to donate AND my shelves are neat and tidy.  bonus!
while a few bags of canned food may not change the world, they might make one day in one life a little easier.  and this is one way i can express my gratitude for the great blessings that i have been given.  i encourage all of you to find a way to spread the love...

wishing you all warm meals this winter season!

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