Tuesday, December 7, 2010

more pretty books...

i posted about these lovely books about a year ago.  so gorgeous.
then yesterday, i stumbled upon these little lovelies...
how beautiful would these be all in a row on a little white bookshelf?
 the only one i'm not thrilled about is anne of green gables...
pink with frou frou cupcakes???
that is so NOT anne to me.
anne is violet vale and lovers lane and wood nymphs and poetry...
am i right?  (please tell me i'm right.)


  1. You're ABSOLUTELY right about Anne. Absolutely.

  2. Yes, you're definitely right. It's more Diana or Ruby Gillis. I just got The Secret Garden one last night at my book club Christmas party--sooooooooo excited :)

  3. Without a doubt. Anne's cover should be green (Gilbert's favorite color on her) with Mayflowers (her favorite), books, or wood nymphs. True, she pined for Cordelia's rose-leaf complexion (blush), and the tea party she hosted for Diana was unforgettable, but pink cupcakes is NOT Anne!



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