Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what we're wearing...

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 if you're looking for some last minute gift ideas (or just sick of what's in your closet), here are some recent purchases that i think are worth sharing.  i'm not getting compensated to write this either...i just like this stuff!

you know modbe is back, right?  they went out of business a few years ago, but downeast bought them and brought them back.  and i couldn't be happier.  i bought this dress about a month or two ago...
if you are tall, buy this dress.  NOW.  it's called the long & lean dress for a reason.  i'm 5'10" and it's the perfect length.  plus, it's cute ( least that's what the husband tells me).  and the fabric rocks...not too thin, great drape.

speaking of husbands, mine gets a lot of free tees and polos from vendors at work.  which is fine...if you like a company logo on everything you ever wear.  i, however, feel there are some occasions which an actual shirt that doesn't involve business promotion is in order.  so i took matters into my own hands.

i picked up these bad boys at old navy for 8 bucks each....yesssss. they look great on their own or under a graphic tee...and my husband likes them!  in fact, complimented me on my outfit constructing abilities.

it's nice to know i'm good at what i do. :)

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