Friday, January 28, 2011

art for kids...

as i've mentioned before, i teach private art lessons to little kids.  i have four regular students, ages 5-8, with varying skill levels and abilities.  (plus, i got a call today from my little neighbor girl's aunt.  she's buying her a few weeks of lessons for her birthday next month.  isn't that SUCH a good gift idea?!)

anyway, i make my own lesson plans and adapt them for each child's needs...but sometimes i need help coming up with new ideas.  there are several websites i really love, so i thought i'd share the links for those of you looking for art projects to do with your kids at home.

art projects for kids is a recent find.  
the site is easy to navigate. you can sort by grade level, medium, artist, etc.

some of my students made these paintings this week...
they were ALL about "nemo." :)

mrs. brown's art class is another good one for elementary age kids. each project normally has several examples, which is really helpful.

my all time favorite is the incredible art department.  this was my go-to site during college and when i taught public school.  it has lesson ideas for all ages preschool-college submitted by art educators all over the country. there are lots of creative ideas that you can adapt for your needs.  it also has other resources--where to get supplies, art related articles, helpful websites, and even a list of art teachers' pet peeves! 
(i have a few things i could add to that list. haha.)

also, artlex art dictionary is a fantastic resource for defining art terms.  have you always wondered what "abstract art" means?  look it up on artlex!

so--if your child's school doesn't have an art program or you can't afford private lessons, you can still help your child have creative experiences at home.  kids need art...and grown-ups do, too!

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  1. I LOVE this blog of yours! I just stumbled across it looking at your stuff on fb. So fun to have other sights to reference to! Thanks!



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