Monday, March 14, 2011

daffodil wreath FAIL...

One thing you need to know about me is that I have a hard time with the color yellow.  We've never really gotten along all that well.

Yellow-orange? Great.
Mustard? Fine.

But straight-up yellow only works for me under certain circumstances.

For example, I love the yellow daffodils and the red and yellow tulips that grow in my yard in the spring.  Here's a couple shots from last year...

Great, right?

So, with this in mind, I thought that it would be a fantastic idea to make a springy daffodil wreath (using a method similar to my candlestick topiary--which is lovely) to hang on my bright red front door.  I spent two hours making this...

And it didn't turn out how I had envisioned, but I thought it was okay-ish...
until I really looked at it.

Isn't it kind of reminiscent of Big Bird?

Or something out of a Dr. Seuss book?

Maybe the problem is the shape of the daffodil petals.  (Too feather-like?) 
Or all of the bright yellow centers. (Too polka-dot looking?)
Or it just doesn't jive with the red door? 
Or maybe I'm just a crazy, yellow-hater and what was I thinking doing an all yellow project when I KNOW I have this yellow problem?! 

(Probably all of the above.)

But now I need to figure out something better for my front door.

(Anyone have any good ideas on how I can salvage this bad boy?  Or should I just rip out all of those flowers and use all the parts for something else?)


  1. My suggestion would be to take the bow off and either leave it off or switch it out with a solid color ribbon. I think the bow makes it look more frilly and off than it really is.

  2. This is the most hilarious post - all of my family and friends can tell you that I am the same way with yellow. The only yellow I like is the yellow God put in flowers. Alas, I have no suggestions for your yellow craftiness, but good for you for getting out of your comfort zone! :)

  3. How about a red bow and some red flowers added? That way it will look more like your garden. I think it is all the white that is throwing you off. I, personally, like yellow and think this wreath would look great on a white door, but it looks funny on the red, you're right about that. Good luck!

  4. Actually, I like it...but I do agree that switching the bow might help.

  5. I originally had a solid color bow on there...and it was worse...but it wasn't red, so maybe I'll give that a shot. It may just need to hang elsewhere. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions!

  6. Oh my gosh missy!! What are you talking about?? That is the cutest spring wreath EVER!! Wish I had something like that.

  7. The Heather's agree! It is just darling! You are so talented my friend! :)

  8. I love the wreath and I love it on your door. I too would change the bow. I was thinking of a pattern that had some red and yellow and other colors in it would look good. I really do love the wreath though. Very springy!!

  9. I LOVE IT! ITS AWESOME! its all of it, the yellow, the polka dots,the daffodils that make it pretty! super :D


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