Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a highlight...

I don't want to post a travelogue of our whole trip (I'll do that on my family blog), but I did want to share one of my favorite parts of our Seattle vacation last week.

We flew in Saturday morning and the weather was PERFECT.  Barely a cloud in the sky.  In SEATTLE.  Amazing, huh?  We knew we had to take advantage of such rare occasion, so we headed straight to the waterfront and hopped on a boat for a harbor tour.

I took this from the dock as we stood in line waiting to board.

The boat ride was so pleasant and refreshing in the warm weather.  I was also able to snag some further evidence of just how nice the weather really was...

We could see Mt. Rainier!

And the whole city skyline.
We actually had really great weather the whole week.  It only really rained one day.  (And we were glad to have the rain rather than the SNOW they got in other parts of Washington and at home in Utah.)  We were able to do all the touristy stuff--Space Needle, Pike Place Market, museums, etc.--along with some plain ol' relaxing.  It was a much needed break!


  1. Ahh you make me so homesick! I'm from seattle but at least you got to enjoy the good weather!

  2. I'm heading back to Washington in August (I am from there) for a trip with my brother. We are going to do the "tourist" thing too. Especially, the CityPass.. Harbor tour, zoo, aquarium... my brother is taking me for my birthday to the Space Needle restaurant.. I can't wait! btw, found your blog thru Stumbleupon... now I am going to explore it.. Lori in Ohio


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