Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the sketchbook project 2012...

The Sketchbook Project is a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks created by all kinds of different artists.   Then after the world tour, all of the sketchbooks are cataloged at the Brooklyn Art Library where patrons can check them out.  Doesn't that sound awesome?!  (I wish I could go to Brooklyn to see this library!)

Anyone can participate, so I decided to join in the fun and make a sketchbook for the 2012 tour.  I thought it might motivate me to actually make some art around here!

My little sketchbook arrived in the mail last week, and I'm excited to get started.  My theme is "This is a sketchbook." (which suits me perfectly, but there are tons of themes to choose from.)  Now I need to do some brainstorming...

If you are interested in participating, check out all the details at The Sketchbook Project website.

1 comment:

  1. this is so exciting! I'm going to do the "Encyclopedia of" theme :D Did you do a book last year? My mom and I did one, so we are going up to Chicago in July to view all of the books! If your is there, I will check it out! :D



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