Monday, November 21, 2011

my spare bedroom studio...

I wrote a guest post for another blog about my creative space recently.  I've made some pretty improvements, so I thought I'd share with my own readers, too! :)

My little spare bedroom studio is pretty much a hodge podge of mismatched shelving and folding tables--and it's usually quite a mess--but I love it!

The white walls are great for keeping the room light and bright, but it was a bit boring.  So lately I've been focusing on making the room a bit more inspiring without spending much money.  Those teal drapes are really twin size flat sheets I picked up for $5 each--way cheaper then drapery panels or fabric yardage!

I also made a cute reversible sewing machine cover earlier this year..

Put together a quick paper pennant not too long ago...

And I'm working on a small colorful gallery wall with painted dollar store frames...

While these pretty details are fun, I think function is even more important.
Since I draw, paint, sew, craft, teach art lessons, run an etsy shopand write a creative blog, I have a LOT of supplies.  It's definitely a challenge to keep it all organized.

 My secret?  Bins, baskets, bins, boxes, crates, and more bins!  
{I think I might be keeping Sterilite in business. :) }
I try to keep everything labeled so items are easy to find when I need them.

My husband also painted a hardware store peg board for me to use for my merchandise storage.  
(It also makes a great display when I sell at markets or weekend boutiques.)

I don't have the fanciest studio in the world, but it's certainly one of my favorite places to be.  Be on the lookout for my little gallery wall of colorful frames and other creative space decor coming soon!


  1. Love the brightness of your space, Kacey! Bet your creative juices flow constantly in there.
    Happy Monday!

  2. I love it!! I desperately need to turn an empty room or something into a crafting area.

  3. I wish my craft area was this nice!!


  4. I wish I had a Spare bedroom!!! for my craft studio.. Mine looks like yours with a bed stuck in the middle, and of course messy LOL


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