Friday, March 30, 2012

"The great gift of Easter" free printable...

Easter is an under-appreciated holiday, I think.
People get all caught up in plastic eggs and marshmallow peeps.
The meaning of Easter gets overshadowed in favor of a bunny.
(How sad is that?)

This short, beautiful phrase sums up the joy of Easter for me...

This inspiring 8x10 printable is available in 2 colorways.
Frame it. Hang it on the fridge. Pin it to a cork board.
Whatever works for you!

Download the watermark-free blue version HERE.

And grab the watermark-free green version HERE.

While jelly beans and mini cadbury eggs are fun (and delicious)...
...let's not forget "the reason for the season."

I wish you all hope and joy this Easter!


  1. LOVE this! :) I completely agree with you! Last year I wrote on some Easter eggs, "Remember the Savior". The reason for the season! Kudos! :)


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