Sunday, February 24, 2013

29 is mighty fine...

I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday.
The big 2-9.

I decided on raspberry crisp & ice cream instead of cake.  
It's my party, I'll have crisp if I want to.

I keep joking that I need to enjoy this year - the final year of my youth - but in reality I'm feeling great about getting older.  My life is happier than it's ever been.  I have a fabulous husband, the cutest little red-haired baby boy, and I'm finding joy in my life each day.

I was telling my son about birthdays (you know, because he's only 3 months old and has never seen a birthday party before) and as I was explaining about blowing out the candles to make a wish, I realized I didn't know what to wish for this year because he is my wish come true.

What a great birthday.

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