Tuesday, September 30, 2008

body worlds 3...bridesmaid attire...and a breakfast locale...

last weekend brandon and i went up to salt lake city to see body worlds 3. it's an educational exhibit about the human body in which real human bodies are displayed. the bodies were preserved through a process called plastination. plastination is a vacuum process in which a body’s water and fat content are replaced by fluid plastic, which later hardens to retain all tissue structures. the result is unbelievable. the exhibit had over 200 bodies, parts, body slices, organs, and more.

i loved it. it was so interesting. my favorite part was the series of embryos and fetuses from conception to 25 weeks. those little fetuses we so adorable and so sad. i don't know how anyone could get an abortion after seeing those sweet little babies. there were also these body slices of an extremely obese man...there was SO much fatty tissue all around his internal organs. it made me want to be healthy.

after the exhibit, bran and i swung by the little america hotel. we're having our family wedding breakfast at the steakhouse in the hotel, but we had never actually seen it. i think it's going to be nice. we couldn't afford to eat dinner there, so we opted for the hotel cafe...and the food was dang good. so i bet the breakfast is going to be really dang good.

after that we dropped off bridesmaid attire to jamie (one of my oldest friends--we've known each other since we were 12) and to shelley (one of my college roommates). shannon (also a former roommate and bff) will get hers when she flies in from arizona, my mom has my little sister rachel's stuff, and we mailed sheila's (brandon's older sis) clothes to california last week. so the bridesmaids should be good to go.

i bought a cute blue dress to wear to breakfast/leaving the reception, bran will pick up his tux the day before, groomsmen have been selected...basically everything is done. there will be a few last minute things of course...but the wedding is only 11 days away! AHHH!

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