Friday, October 3, 2008

i really AM changing the world...

i just had an epiphany. i was re-reading president dieter f. uchtdorf's talk from the general relief society meeting...,4945,285-1-54-31,00.html

...a good chunk of the talk was about creating, whether it's a work of art, a smile, or a loaf of bread, we are all capable of creating something that didn't exist before. and by creating, we are emulating a characteristic of our Heavenly Father and becoming more like Him.

as an artist, i obviously loved this. i create things all the time. i have this internal desire to make things, whether it's a stone sculpture or a birthday card.

but then i got thinking about my job. as an art teacher, i'm always encouraging my students to figure out what they can learn in an art class that will be useful to them whether they like art or not. problem solving, developing hand-eye coordination or fine motor skills, and becoming a well-rounded, experienced person are always popular (and excellent) answers. but the best answer is this--they are learning to be more like God.

that is what i get to do everyday; teach kids to organize materials, to make something out of nothing just as their Heavenly Father does.

i'm pretty sure i have the best job ever.

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