Tuesday, October 21, 2008

newly weds!

i can hardly believe it...i'm MARRIED!

the week before the wedding, i was absolutely terrified about the weather. the forecast called for dropping temperatures and a huge storm. i didn't know if it was going to rain, snow, sleet, hail... and it was so weird because the weather was SO nice both before and after. anyway, i was trying not to freak out, but i just prayed like crazy that the weather would be nice enough to take pictures outside the temple for a few hours and then bought an umbrella and some galoshes...just in case.

i tried to set aside my worry and enjoy my once in a lifetime experience instead. on friday, my bff Shannon flew in from AZ. we went to lunch and got our nails done...it was like she had never left! i miss her like crazy, though.

that night, brandon and i went to dinner with both of our families. they had never met before, but everyone seemed to get along great! we laughed and talked as we enjoyed our delicious mexican food from the red iguana.

shannon spent the night at sari's with me (sari was nice enough to stay at her parents' house so shan and i could have both bathrooms to ourselves!) and we got up really early to shower and get ready. at 7 am i had my hair done by my fabulous hair dresser heather call, then shan and i headed to my condo in provo to put our dresses on and meet up with my cute groom.

we drove to slc to have a family/wedding party breakfast at the Little America hotel. the food was AMAZING. brandon and i are going to have to head back sometime so we can eat more. (we were a little nervous :) )

at 11:45, we left our families and friends to head to the salt lake temple. our sealing was at one o'clock and it made me so happy to see those of our friends and family members that were able to attend. it was an unbelievable experience. i get to be with brandon forever! it's gonna be so great...

after we were sealed, we headed outside to greet our friends and family that were unable to be inside. i was SOOOOOOO happy. i felt so dang pretty too...i can't wait for the pictures! we took group shots on the temple steps and then brandon and i went with our photographer ryan scoffield to do bride and groom portraits. i am still beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father...He heard our prayers! it was dang cold outside, but no percipitation. we were able to take all the photos we wanted and i didn't need my galoshes :) i am just so grateful.

after our photo session, we headed over to our reception site--arbor manor reception center--for both our ring ceremony and reception. since we had many family members and friends unable to be inside the temple for our sealing, brandon and i opted to exchange our wedding bands in a separate ceremony. the bridesmaids and groomsmen looked great! i couldn't get over how cute the bridesmaids looked. we had sort of a traditional wedding processional, but we walked in to a piano arrangement of "i love to see the temple" instead of the wedding march. and i chose not to have my father give me away since bran and i were technically already married at that point. anyway, our bishop "officiated" and talked for a few moments about the temple and what happened when bran and i went there earlier in the day. he then turned the time over to us. first brandon said a few words and gave me my ring, then i did the same. it was short, but definitely sweet. it was hard to talk without choking up. i love my husband so much.

after the ring ceremony, we had some down time before the start of the reception, so we mingled with our guests and ate some of our delectable refreshments. one of my favorite moments was when someone teased my sister about tearing up during the ceremony when brandon was speaking and she replied, "it's because i realized that he loves her as much as we do." it melted my heart.

our reception was so much fun. we didn't have as many guests as we had previously thought (dang that byu football game.) but it was wonderful to see those that were able to attend. plus, two of my bridesmaids, shannon and jamie, seriously bonded. it made me so happy that two of my best friends could be best friends with each other! we had a great time mingling, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet (snagged by the little sis...mutilated by shannon...the remains gathered up by all. haha.), tossing the garter.... so many wonderful memories.

pictures and honeymoon details to follow soon.
but here are some bridals to keep you satisfied :)

first some artsy ones....

then some more traditional ones....

shan said the ones on the wall remind her of a fairy tale. that makes me smile.
this one was displayed at the reception and then given to my mom....
this one was also displayed at the reception....

p.s. i made the bouquet using flowers from the grocery store, ribbon, some rubber bands, and my little sister rachel's ponytail holder. i know--i'm quite the macgyver.


  1. whoo hoo!! I was so glad to be there! It was an awesome ceremony! Your sealer was such an "awesome" guy!

    I have your present sitting in my front room...I just gotta find some time to bring it over to you...

    OH! And Brandon has Erin Hallmark on his "blogroll"...how does he know Erin??? That's Benji's cousin...crazy little mormon world...

  2. It was such a beautiful day! We loved being there for things, thanks so much for inviting us!! SUCH a beautiful bride :)


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