Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a little spending money....

so this teacher who also works at pghs asked me to do some pencil drawings of his family to give them as christmas gifts. i have to admit that i was regretting the decision to agree to do it...the 6 drawings are very detailed and taking FOREVER. but then he agreed to pay me 10 bucks an hour...or $300! i'm still working on the drawings, but i've already started spending the greatly anticipated moolah :) brandon refuses to let me save it or pay any bills with it...he wants me to splurge on myself. instead i'm opting to splurge on us and spend the money on decorating our bedroom. i'm sooooooo excited. i love a good project.

i had a friend from college who had a little pencil portrait business for awhile...maybe that's not a bad idea. i don't mind the extra cash, that's for sure.

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