Friday, February 27, 2009

kacey + brandon = ♥

i stole this from my friend elisabeth...she's cute. and romantic.

How long have you been together? too complicated to really nail down a number. our first date was september 10th, 2007...but then we didn't actually speak for the rest of that semester. our first kiss was february 15...but then we stopped dating for awhile. we re-dated at the beginning of may 2008 and have been madly in love ever since. (and that's the short version of that story...)

How long did you know each other before you started dating? we met in dinner group in april 2007 and went on our first date 5 months later. but we didn't get together for good until over a year later.

Who asked who out? he called and asked me out...his roommate called and asked my roommate out. we doubled. we saw a play at BYU, got ice cream, and played games. then neither of them talked to us for the next 3 months (which they both deny, but it's true). it was fun, but i wasn't too interested at the time. little did i know...

How old are each of you? we're both 25...but bran's 6 months older.

Whose siblings do you see the most? my little sis is a freshman at BYU, so we see her the most. my other siblings live in idaho, and his sis lives in california. so we don't see them much.

Do you have any children together? not yet. but we're excited to have a little kacedon. we're obsessed with all the cute babies in our ward.

What about pets? nope. bran loves dogs and i hate pets. but i told him he can get a little doggie when we have a house with a yard.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? we HATE getting mad at each other...but sometimes we just don't understand each other, you know? however, bran is a fantastic apologizer. he apologizes even when i'm the one who should be apologizing. our disagreements don't usually last very long...

Did you go to the same school? go cougars! we bleed blue.

Are you from the same home town? no...brandon's from the san fran area and i lived all over...mostly in the midwest. (fun fact: almost all of the boys i've been on multiple dates with have been from california. weird.)

Who is the smartest? i'm book smart. i did really well in school, was in nerdy gifted programs, rocked a few standardized tests, and--well--i'm a teacher. and i read incessantly. but brandon's very technically smart. he knows everything about computers and networking and cars and how to use the tv remote (i have to ask him really dumb technology questions sometimes.) and is really good at fixing things. we even each other out.

Who is the most sensitive? i'd say a emotions just happen to leak out through my tear ducts more often.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? um...we try to go out to different places, but i'd say we hit up cafe rio the most. and the costco food court.

Who does the cooking? i cook the most, but brandon cooks fairly often, too.

Who is more social? brandon will talk to whoever, but we're both social. we like to go on double dates with other couples and have friends over for dinner.

Who is the neat-freak? BRANDON. he's a little bit OCD. (i'm an artist. making messes is my livelihood. haha.) in reality, we both clean, but brandon just worries more about it. :)

Who hogs the bed? brandon thinks i do...he'll tell me to scoot over when i'm only taking up about half a foot on the very edge of the bed.

Who wakes up earlier? weekdays--me. weekends--brandon.

Where was your first date? play at BYU, ice cream at leatherby's, games at JSB. we actually found my ticket to the play when we were moving my stuff out of the yellow brick house. awww...

Who has the bigger family? i do. i have 3 siblings and brandon has 1.

Do you get flowers often? i frequently get flowers for no reason. best hubby ever.

How do you spend the holidays? well, we've only had 1 holiday season as a couple so far...we went to my parents' house for thanksgiving and spent christmas at our place, just the two of us. next year, we're planning on his parents' place for thanksgiving and mine for christmas.

How long did it take to get serious? a lot longer than brandon would have liked. haha. but once things really started working out, it was serious. we got engaged less than 2 months later.

Who eats more? brandon. he's a growing boy.

Who does the laundry? honestly, bran is WAY better at getting clothes in the washer than i am. we generally fold together, but he is way more motivated about it than i am.

Who’s better with the computer? um, my husband is a network engineer. he wins.

Who drives when you are together? brandon. he hates riding in the car when someone else is driving. i mean, he would let me drive if i wanted to...but i know he would rather drive, so i just let him.

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