Wednesday, February 25, 2009

healthy AND delicious...

i recently discovered a fantastic

it has coupons for healthy food items, healthy recipes, health related articles, and--my favorite--the "healthified" section. this section includes lifestyle tips and "healthified" recipes. a "healthified" recipe means the eatbetteramerica food experts have taken a favorite, but not-so-nutritious recipe submitted by a member and substituted ingredients so it is healthier, but just as tasty.

this week, i made the "healthified" crunchy asian salad (i added shredded chicken to make it a main dish and subbed canned mandarins for the full sized oranges) and, boy, was it scrum-diddly-umptious. i was worried brandon wouldn't be a fan, but he loved it, too.

you can search the recipes by category and main ingredients and there are often recipe tips for alterations you could make to the dish to suit your tastes. plus, members can rate and review the deliciousness of each recipe. i printed out a bunch to put in my recipe file. i'm always looking for new healthy dinner ideas.

and i'm excited to try out their desserts. :)

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