Saturday, April 11, 2009

not-so-spring break...

i'm FINALLY on spring break!

only it's not so spring outside. i'd say it's more like drizzly-dark-gray-break. but i'll take what i can get.

this time last year, i was dealing with 9 separate airlines after american airlines cancelled ALL of their flights, spending the night on the floor of the philadelphia airport, kissing the ground in puerto rico, dipping my toes in the ocean in luquillo, eating breakfast on an ocean front verandah, tromping through the rainforest, kayaking in bio-luminous waters, adoring the colors of old san juan, boarding a cruise ship, eating more food than i ever have in my life, snorkling among the fishes, swimming with sea turtles, zip-lining through a tropical canopy, buying shell necklaces, going down the waterslide, reading my book on various beaches, watching cheesy cruiseship productions, soaking up the caribbean sun, living in my bathing suit, walking on the sand, taking in the most beautiful and surreal views i've ever seen, and saying over and over "look where we are!"

so far all i've done this year is go to bed early, eat crispix in my bathrobe, buy some groceries, and barbeque with my teacher friends...where we talked about how we went on a cruise last year.

slightly less eventful.

yet, i like my life a lot better now. while i'm not falling asleep to the sound of the ocean or eating shrimp and prime rib and three desserts...i do get to cuddle and nibble jelly beans with this cute hubby of mine. while i'd LOVE to be on that trip again, i'm even happier to be where brandon is.

even if it is just our little living room.

(if only the sun would come out so i could bask just a little...)

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