Monday, February 20, 2012

magnetic pin dish...

When I am sewing, pins end up everywhere.

I have a pin cushion, but when I'm taking pins out while sewing a long seam, it's easier for me to just set them on my table rather trying to poke them into my little tomato.  I always think I'll clean them up when I'm done.  But I don't.  So they are all over my table, on the floor, under my machine, etc.

I decided to remedy this problem with a homemade pin dish.

I know you can buy magnetic pin dishes...
But mine is cuter.  And cheaper.  And I made it.  
Cute, cheap, and DIY is always better in my book!

To make this simple sewing convenience, I used a thrifted candle plate, some paint, and an adhesive magnet sheet.  

I wiped off my dish and painted it with regular ol' craft paint and sealed it with mod podge.  (Spray paint would probably be more durable and less brushstroke-y...but it's snowy where I live, so there way no way I was freezing my butt off outside to paint a pin dish.)

Next, I drew a shape on the back of my magnet sheet that would fit in the bottom of my dish.  A plain oval would have sufficed, but I did scallops because I'm fancy.

Then I cut out my fancy scalloped oval magnet, peeled off the backing paper, and stuck it in place.

Now my pins have a happy home.

My bare feet are sure to thank me.


  1. Love this! I have the exact same problem with pins. I am going out soon to buy the magnetic sheet. Thanks for a great, simple idea.

  2. Cute idea,I'm going to steal it ;) but I"ll also be showing it on my blogs Facebook page tomorrow Life, Love, Green.

  3. "But I did scallops because I'm fancy". We think alike!

  4. YOU are a genius!! Well done. And by the way, Happy Birthday!!

  5. O my goodness! This is such a genius idea!! I have to do this!! I would love for you to stop by and link up at our Naturally-Nifty Linky Party!

    -Your newest follower!

  6. So I was on Pinterest and saw this come up and I had to tell you saw it! Been reading your blog for a while, LOVE your tutorials.

  7. Genius!! Love this idea!! So much cuter than the ones at the store! Pinning!!

  8. Amber again, guess what your going to be one of the featured projects on my Green Craft Round up tomorrow! Swing by and check it out!


  9. I love this! Such a good idea! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial.

  10. This is genius! I love this idea!!! Please come share it over on my website... I have a project party every weekend if you would like to join and link up your great ideas!
    I hope you will come! xoxo-Rachel

  11. Just wanted to share that you've been featured on our SMITTEN: SPRING 2012 GUIDE!


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