Saturday, April 18, 2009

ordinary yet extraordinary...

i love art in many of its forms. one thing i've been trying to get my sculpture students to understand, is that you can make an awesome piece of artwork out of anything. literally. i showed them some examples of famous artists who make work out of everyday items and assigned them to create a sculpture out of 500 Things--toothpicks, candy, thumbtacks, whatever!

this afternoon, brandon and i went to the BYU museum of art and i discovered dan steinhilber...

this gorgeous sculpture is made from paper covered dry-cleaner hangers.

while this colorful installation is made of those long skinny balloons normally used to make balloon animals.

and aren't these condiment packets gorgeous?

i can't wait to talk to my students about it. i think i'll even give them extra credit if they go see the exhibit. i hope it inspires them. if you live in utah you should go to the MOA asap.

and while you're there, be sure to check out the walter wick exhibit next door. wick is the guy behind the i spy books...the exhibit is really fun for kids and adults. brandon and i had a great time.

seriously, you don't have to be an "art person" to enjoy these artists works. go check them out...see ordinary stuff put together in an extraordinary way!

p.s. we also checked out the i spy and other kids books at the gift shop. i quickly fell in love with this one...
it's about a boy named art who makes art and his mom hangs his work on the fridge because she loves art (a precious little play on words). whenever i get a little extra cash, i'll be logging on to for sure.

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