Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blessing in disguise...

goodbye cute spanish modern with the terra cotta roof tiles, spacious kitchen, and open great room. i loved you without ever having lived in you. i'm sad my numerous design plans for your interior will never come to fruition.

we're just gonna walk away. it would have been a hard fought battle with the sellers and their lender that may or may not have ended well. so we're back on the house hunt.

i'm not gonna lie, my heart kind of hurts. i was so excited to be under contract and entering into the world of homeownership. but, alas, it was not to be.

we're trying to stay positive. i know things will work out how they should. it doesn't feel like a blessing right now, but i know we'll see it later. Heavenly Father must have other plans for us...


  1. Oh, Kacey! I'm so sad for you guys!! My house is still available, if you don't mind the 40 minute commute :)

  2. I think Heavenly Father wants you to buy my house because we just found out we were moving. You could stay in the ward and it is nice and cozy!!!
    PS. I'm not kidding!


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