Sunday, May 31, 2009

change begets change...

so friday was my last day as a high school art teacher. and about 400 people asked me if i was pregnant. i have several feelings about this.

first of all, is it ever really appropriate to ask someone if she is pregnant? really?

secondly, if i was pregnant, shouldn't i be allowed to disclose that information on my own terms? it's kind of personal, don't you think?

thirdly, I'M NOT PREGNANT.

fourthly, aren't there a lot of reasons someone might quit her job? how about, "i don't want to work here anymore." isn't that good enough? why do i have to have some elaborate explanation?

fifthly, even if i have an elaborate explanation, why should i tell you (you being a random co-worker whom i'm not even friends with and never actually spoken to)? maybe it's personal.

sixthly, aren't there a lot of personal things in the world? just because i don't want to go into detail about all the reasons why i might be quitting my job doesn't mean i'm pregnant. it just means i don't want to tell you.

so let's not jump to conclusions, people. whenever i am pregnant, i will let you know, okay?


pardon my rant. i just think it's awkward when random people congratulate you on being a stay-at-home mom when you don't actually have any kids.

yes, i'm staying at home. but i'm going to make art. sorry if that doesn't fit into some neat little category for you...but it works for me.

with that said, this change has inspired another. i needed a new blog title.

don't get me wrong, i'm still leggy & fabulous...and i still love grey's anatomy (the show from which i appropriated the phrase). but i started this blog when i was a single college kid-turned-teacher. and now i'm a married "retired" art teacher-turned-housewife/artist. so now i'm leggy & fabulous plus artsy & domestic. haha.

at any rate, instead of starting a new blog i've just re-christened this one as "Stay-at-Home Artist." hopefully, this change will clear up any confusion as to what i'm doing with my life. :)

and i kind of like it.


  1. So..... are you pregnant? :) I appreciate the rant, but I'll still probably ask every time you say something that could be construed by someone clever (such as a lawyer) to indicate pregnancy. What can I say? I have no shame.

    And congrats on the house. It looks like a great place!

  2. so, what the what??? I didn't know you were quitting! Oh well. Stewart rarely tells me what goes on at school. So, I guess I will miss you on Spouse lunch-days. Good thing we can still be friends.

    I like your new title and think that you are totally right in your rant.

    Congrats on the house it looks fab!!!


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