Wednesday, June 24, 2009

can't contain my excitement...

first of all, the next harry potter movie is almost here!!!

secondly, some new movie stills are out. i had heard rumors about this movie months ago, and i was excited then. but now i've seen some imagery, and as a result i am all giddy...and thrilled about march 5, 2010. i know it's over 9 months away, but how is a girl supposed to curb her excitement when she sees images like this...

snatched from here.

#1 favorite movie--tim burton's big fish
another movie on the favorite list--tim burton's charlie and the chocolate factory
next movie i can't wait to see (after harry potter)--tim burton's alice in wonderland

plus, it stars the likes of johnny depp, anne hathaway, and helena bohnam carter just to name a few.

good thing i just read lewis carroll's alice in wonderland & through the looking glass. i'm ready for march!!!

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