Thursday, June 4, 2009

two watercolors....

last night i did some sketches for 4 big paintings i want to do for my house...

but i was too nervous to start on them, because i know they are going to be a big challenge for me. i'm not that experienced of a painter. but i just love getting lost in a project. so i busted these 2 watercolors in a few hours.

Grove, 8 x 10, watercolor on 140 lb. cold-press paper

Butterfly Blue, 8 x 10, watercolor on 140 lb. cold-press paper

i get really self-conscious about my artwork...and these are nothing too spectacular. but they're a start at least!

etsy shop coming soon...


  1. Those are beautiful! I'm excited for you to be at home pursing being an artist. Good luck! You are very talented :)

  2. Those are great! Stewart and I are always looking for fantastic art for our house...hint, hint! Awsome!


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