Saturday, September 26, 2009

we've been shredded...

since i've gotten married, my lifestyle has changed quite a bit. i don't play or coach basketball anymore, i'm not teaching, i eat more regular meals, i haven't been as diligent in going to the gym, i spend a lot of time sitting when i'm working on my artwork and other projects, etc., etc., etc. basically, i haven't been as active as i've been in the past.

plus, since we aren't consistent about going to the gym, we're not getting our money's worth paying for memberships each month.

so...brandon and i made a decision. we needed to quit the gym and find an exercise solution that worked for us. we want to be strong and live long healthy lives without breaking the bank.

enter jillian michaels...
i wanted something that combined cardio and strength training and jillian's 30 day shred had rave reviews. so we kicked gold's gym to the curb and welcomed ms. michaels into our lives for one easy payment of $11.49 (

today was our first workout...and i loved it! don't get me wrong, it was SUPER hard. (my arms feel like jello!) however, i feel like i got more out of those 20 minutes than i ever did in an hour at the gym. i'm super excited to stick with it and see the results. plus, it's fairly short and convenient--we can just work on our fitness in the comfort of our own home. what's not to love?

i also got jillian's no more trouble zones, so i think i'm going to do that in the morning and then shred it with brandon when he gets home from work. i'll let you know how it goes...

anyone else out there tried the 30 day shred? how did you like it?

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  1. Hey Kacey! I'm Christy Leininger, my husband Danny went to high school/church with Brandon and I knew Brandon when we were freshmen at BYU. I LOVE the 30 day shred. I love how short it is, I love that I can do it at home (we have a 2 year old-makes it a lot easier!) and it is a good workout. I have some problem with working up the motivation to do it sometimes, but I really like it!


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