Wednesday, September 30, 2009

if only i were on tv...

...then i would be GLEE guidance counselor emma pillsbury just so i could have her amazingly adorable wardrobe.

she has the cutest necklaces, floral brooches, embellished cardigans, perfect skirts, colorful shoes, and blouses with feminine details. ever.

when i'm watching the show, all i do is admire each new ensemble. brandon probably gets sick of me exclaiming, "LOOK at her outfit! i want all of her clothes!" at the start of every scene she's in. but i can't help it.

(i know i'm not the only one. you love her and everything she wears, too. admit it.)


if only i were on tv...


  1. she's just so darn cute. i really liked her in paul blart: mall cop, too

  2. That is exactly what I said to Stewart! I want to have her wardrobe too. She seriously has the best clothes.

  3. i particularly like the episode where she wipes all of her grapes before eating them.


    her clothes are way cute, and i always find myself looking at her hair. it seems to never change position from episode to episode.

  4. you could totally pull that off! all those bright colors- soo Kacey.

    remember that one time you had us over for lunch and football? that was awesome. thanks again! :)


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