Wednesday, January 6, 2010

around the house...

i've been trying to infuse a few pops of color around the house. our decor is becoming increasingly random...but eclectic is a style, right?

thanks, husband-o-mine, for at least pretending to like my crazy ideas. :)

anyway, i threw together this little number yesterday afternoon.

$1 unfinished frame + craft paint i already had + sheet of scrapbook paper + mod podge + scrap of ribbon = fun little monogram wall hanging
then, a few days ago we bought a pretty aqua utensil canister. so naturally i had to spice up the plain old white one we already had. for today's afternoon project, i used enamel to add a few stripes.

the nice thing is i haven't sealed it yet, so if i change my mind (which happens often) i can scrape it off and do something different.

also, we now have stools for our island! my mom and dad picked them out and gave them to us for christmas...didn't they do a great job? i really like them.
and, just for fun, i thought i'd throw in a pic of the yellow felt coasters i picked up at michaels the other day...a package of 4 for $1. i don't know why i love them so much, but i do.
$1 for a little piece of happiness? yes, please.


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