Tuesday, March 2, 2010

thinking springy thoughts...

a few weeks ago, i was feeling a bit spring-ish in spite of it being mid-february. so i decided to springify the house a bit.

first i made this aqua/red/and white flower plaque for the front door. i've been really into that color scheme lately...and our door is already red...so i figured, why not?

i just used a 97 wood plaque from the craft section at walmart. i coated it with craft paint, mod podged on some magazine circles, painted on the flower details, and hot glued a bit of ribbon to the back to make a hanger.
after i was finished, i still hadn't gotten the springiness out of my system...so i whipped up this little guy for the entrance to my art room. i've been making these doodle-y flowers a LOT lately. can't get enough, i guess.

this one is just magazine circles and sharpie on a little postcard sized canvas panel i've had sitting around for a few years. (yes, years.) i made a ribbon hanger with a bow, put it up, then decided it needed a little something extra. so i added a piece of scrapbook paper to the back to "frame" it.
i'm excited for spring to actually get here so i can enjoy some real flowers and sunshine instead of just wishful thinking.

p.s. like the new blog background/header? i actually made it myself...with lots of technical help from the hubby, of course. :)


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