Monday, March 1, 2010

why i am a firm believer in DIY...

things you make yourself are the best for several reasons:
  1. you design it, so it's exactly what you want
  2. it's usually a lot cheaper
  3. you get the satisfaction of completing a project
for example, last week i decided i wanted a new necklace--a specific new necklace. as in, double-strands of black ribbon with sparkly silver beads. rather than hunt all over creation for a piece fitting this description, i decided to look for the parts i needed to make it myself.

i already had a 47 cent spool of 1/8" satin ribbon from walmart. so, on my next trip to walmart, i checked out the craft section once again...and came up with the perfect glass beads for like 6 bucks.
a few days later, i strung them and wore my creation to a party an hour later.

not only did i love it, but i got multiple compliments throughout the night. i was so proud of myself...a successful piece of jewelry for under $7.

don't be scared to "do it yourself!"


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