Wednesday, August 4, 2010


one of my latest goals involves gifting handmade items as much as i can. unfortunately, it's hard for me because i have SO many projects going all the time.

and, let's be honest, i'm a procrastinator. (so if you've received a store-bought present from me, don't be offended. i still love you. lots. in fact, you should be thrilled that i was even organized enough to give you a present at all. haha.)

however, awhile ago i actually tried to plan ahead, so i painted this little ditty to giveaway as a baby shower gift...
and today it FINALLY made it's way into a happy home, so i can post a pic without ruining the surprise.

and i'm going to try to be better at achieving my handmade gift-giving goal. but if you have a special occasion coming up...keep your expectations low. very. very. low.

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