Friday, September 24, 2010

nice and good and sparkly and amazing...

yesterday was the first day of the first BYU farmers market EVER. this was significant because i had my own booth!

brandon read about the market and saw that they were taking applications for vendors. in order to sell, you have to be a BYU employee or student...or the spouse of a BYU employee or student. (score!) so my dear husband snagged me a booth. (the market will be held at the south parking lot of the stadium every thursday for the next few weeks.)

the day started out slow, but ended up amazing. it was such a great day, that a bulleted list is necessary in order to document said amazing-ness:
  • my booth was next to the cinnamon roasted almond booth--the best smelling booth in all the land!
  • the guy who sold the cinnamon roasted almonds was the nicest person ever. he gave me free almonds THREE times! (i'm pretty sure he's going straight to heaven.)
  • my cute husband walked over just to visit me.
  • then he came back again when i started to run out of change because everyone kept paying with large bills.
  • the lady in the vegetable stand on the other side of me lent brandon a chair so he could sit by me. i was surrounded by niceness!
  • i've never heard the word "cute" so many times. i got so many compliments on my hair accessories and trick-or-treat bags.
  • an extremely generous grandma bought 4 trick-or-treat bags...and paid me MORE than the tagged price. who does that?!
  • i made more money in 5 hours than i do in a month of art lessons. i was not expecting that.
  • i was interviewed by both the daily universe and byu magazine. hopefully, they'll give my etsy shop some love. :)
  • the a fore mentioned cinnamon almond guy offered to set up his extra pop-up tent for me next time so i could have some shade if i wanted. (yep, he's celestial kingdom material for sure.)
  • as i was leaving, the people on both sides of me wished me a good night and said they would be happy to see me next week.
it turned out to be such a good day. then, i went to a relief society activity where i laughed and talked and ate ridiculously good homemade bread and jam. the goodness just kept coming.

it's like heavenly father gave me this lovely, sparkly, happy day just to remind me that life doesn't have to be perfect to be really good. i needed that.

(and i'm excited for next thursday!)


  1. That's so cool! I passed by it yesterday and was wondering what it was. I might have to stop by :)

  2. That is SO great!! I love farmers markets. Having one at BYU is brilliant! I'm so glad it went well. Heaven obviously knows you deserve it :)


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