Thursday, October 21, 2010

some wishes come true...

in recent weeks, i found myself wishing we had a hobby lobby here in utah valley. i would see the cutest fabric or home decor on a blog, only to be disappointed to find out it came from the one craft store we don't have around here.

last weekend, my husband and i were driving down university parkway in orem when he said, "oh, hobby lobby..."

"WHAT?!" i whipped my head in the direction he was looking.

and there it was.

the old circuit city had been transformed into a crafting mecca.

"this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!" i squealed.

(i quickly recanted this statement when i saw the look on my husband's face. "the best crafting thing, honey. you're the best thing. YOU are. i was only referring to crafts. promise.")

the point is...HOBBY LOBBY IS HERE! and i went to the grand opening on monday. everything i got was 50% off. (amazing.) i've been meaning to decorate the top of our super awesome builders-grade cabinets that don't go all the way to the ceiling...
i finally got the cute colored glass i've been dreaming about--at a steal of a deal.

and (with a some help from the walmart clearance rack) i found everything i needed to make our halloween costumes this year...
i need to hurry up and get them done--we have a halloween party in TWO days. yikes.

any guesses as to who we're going to be?
(if you can guess from this picture, you are good. real good.)

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