Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ruffled blooms...

oh, man.  
between thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and getting sick...i feel like i have A LOT of catching up to do!

this is the first time i've added new listings to the shop in quite some time.
i'm hoping people like these ruffled blooms, because i sure do...

this gray & orange combo is something i've never done before.
i don't know why--i love it!
(i mean, duh! just look at my blog.  haha.)

and this yellow is just so dang cheery.

and i had to do something for the little ladies...

check 'em out on kaceface if you're interested.
more headbands & ruffled bloom clips to come ASAP.

but i've got some little paintings and a wedding hair piece that need my attention, pronto!

hope you're all having a lovely day. :)


  1. what cute headbands!! i marked one as a favorite from your etsy shop.....the red and aqua one. :)

    thanks for entering my giveaway!!

  2. Super cute headbands! Love the orange & yellow ones.

  3. I love the headbands! Great color combos and the flowers are just adorable

  4. i would love for you to link up this cute headband to my hair crap party


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