Thursday, January 20, 2011


last week (between illnesses), i decided to hit up a couple of thrift stores to see what fun things i could scrounge up.

here's my little haul...

candlesticks -- $1.00 each
wooden tray -- $1.50
wood dish -- $1.00
hardwood accent -- $1.00
mirror -- $2.99

i spent less than $9...and i've got some great project ideas in mind.  the tray is going to get refinished for my dining room table.  the candlesticks are for a valentines day craft, i think.  the hardwood accent will get a coat of paint and be hung in my bedroom.  and i dunno what the wood dish is going to turn into...but i saw it and thought, "decoupage."  so we'll see.

this little mirror is my FAVORITE of the bunch, though.
i love it just how it is!  

now, i just need to clean off the grime and decide where to hang it...

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