Friday, January 21, 2011

vintage pyrex...

i've noticed collecting vintage pyrex has become a "cool" thing to do.
people scour thrift stores and garage sales for the stuff.
i'm not one of those people

but i happen to have some very old pyrex.

this set has a story.

the big yellow bowl has been in my possession for several years now.  
 my parents were at my grandmas house, when my mom mentioned that i was in need of some secondhand pots & pans and other kitchen stuff to use while i was in college.  my grandmas immediately pulled out an old stew pot, a couple of large frying pans, and this large yellow pyrex bowl and gave the lot to my mom to give to me.  she mentioned that the bowl had been a wedding gift...sixty years ago!

hearing that, my mom asked her if she was certain she wanted to give it away--surely it had sentimental value.  my grandma replied, "heavens no! i've looked at it long enough. kacey can have it!"

so, the yellow bowl joined me at college.  i liked the idea of serving with something that had been in use for so many years.

fast forward to 2010.  i had graduated from college, taught high school, and been married.  and i still had grandma's yellow bowl.  then, my grandma passed away in october.  my grandpa had died 3 1/2 years earlier, so she had been very lonely.  she was finally reunited with her sweetheart.  (so happy for her.)

now that my grandparents house was empty, my dad and his brothers had to figure out what to do with the estate--what to keep, what to sell, what to giveaway.  while we were at the house, i spied two more pyrex mixing bowls.  the yellow bowl was part of a set!  i told my dad that if no one else wanted those bowls, i'd like to have them.  grandma had given me one of them, after all.

so...when my family came down to visit at christmas, my dad brought me my grandma's medium teal pyrex bowl and a little red pyrex bowl to go with the big yellow one.  so now i have something even better than vintage pyrex.  i have heirloom pyrex. :)

(wanna see the best part?)

the masking tape name label in my grandma's handwriting that's been on the bottom of this bowl for who knows how long.  probably decades.


  1. I love vintage Pyrex. Check out eBay, there are lots of great bidding wars.
    I too have some from my grandmother. So special :)
    love the blog!

  2. My mother and grandmother had the same bowls! Thanks for the memory!

  3. I love this post. My mom has a similar set of bowls though I'd have to check if they're pyrex.

  4. What a wonderful story! The bowls are even more beautiful with their history!

  5. I have my grandma's vintage pyrex. I use and display them in open shelving in my kitchen. Actually, the decor of my kitchen revolves around them. They are one of my most prized possessions.

  6. That is a great story!

    I have a different memory of the same yellow bowl that we had for years! When I was 12 (or 13?) yrs old, I was helping my mom with the dishes (I was drying) and our yellow pyrex bowl slipped right out of my hands and onto my foot! 7 stitches later, I have a scar for a reminder. Now every time I see a bowl like, we laugh ;-)


  7. This set came with a very small blue bowl as well. I have my mother’s yellow and red bowls. She broke the other two after her health failed.


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