Friday, February 25, 2011

is it spring yet?...

i know it's only the end of february...
but i was done with snow on december 26th.

and the weather here in utah is so mean.
50 degrees for a few days, then a foot of snow.

not to mention, all the spring fashions being released out in stores make me antsy.  bring on the breezy fabrics and florals...i'm ready!

in fact, all of my latest hair accessories just scream easter and sunny skies...


i guess if i can't have spring weather, i can have spring headbands.
i'll take what i can get.

but just wait until the daffodils start sprouting...
then i REALLY won't be able to contain myself.


  1. Oh, your shop is adorable! I added it to my favorites :) My shop is called Dreamwylde Vintage--if you'd ever like to trade anything let me know! :D

  2. I am right there with you on being done with winter. Our weather goes from 75 to 25! Now THAT is just plain cruel.

  3. seriously - if it's still snowing, it should illegal for them to put spring outfits up in the shop windows. that's just torture. especially when you pass them wearing a hat, scarf, and mittens

  4. I love your work - these bands are gorgeous x


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