Saturday, February 26, 2011

thread installations...

i found these gorgeous thread installations by gabriel dawe via design*sponge.

dawe strings miles of thread around nails driven into wooden boards, creating these brilliantly colored, site-specific artworks.  i love the effect the viewing angle has on the pieces... sometimes they look architectural, sometimes they seem like a mist of color.

i also love that he's using materials traditionally associated with "craft" to make "art."  as one who enjoys many forms of creativity, i always appreciate it when those lines our blurred. 

the rainbow of thread spools at the fabric store is always so tantalizing...
how fun would it be to experiment and make a smaller scale version?  (and it would be SO fun--and crazy--to try it in a high school art class!)

if you are interested in seeing more photos or learning more about this artist, go here.


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