Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a lucky printable...

I can't say that I'm a big celebrator of St. Patrick's Day.
I mean...I'll wear green if I remember, but that's about it.  I imagine I'll be more into it when I have kids.  I think I'll pass on dying all of our food green until then. :)

However, I was messing around on my computer the other night and decided to throw together a litttle printable.  You know, for fun.

It's an 8 x 10...so just print and throw it in a standard frame.
Grab the file HERE or right click and save the image above.

(And stay tuned for some Easter goodies in the next few weeks. I'm all about Easter.)


  1. Fabulous AND free? Wow, I hit the jackpot today. I found you on Blue Cricket Design and really like your blog. Thanks for the printable and the inspiration.

  2. So cute!! How generous of you to share! :)

  3. Thanks so much, I love the printable! I am your newest follower! :) Thanks!! If you get a chance swing by my blog too: valfrazier.blogspot.com


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